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American Museum of Beat Art



| Jack Kerouac | William Burroughs | Lawrence Ferlinghetti | Gregory Corso | Allen Ginsberg | Harold Norse | Michael McClure | Gary Snyder | Jack Micheline | Charles Olson | Peter Orlovsky | Diane Di Prima | Lawrence Lipton | Bob Kaufman | Charles Bukowski | Phillip Whalen | Herbert Huncke | Ted Joans | Lew Welch | Anne Waldman | Emiri Baraka | Ted Berrigan | Richard Brautigan | Kenneth Rexroth | Ken Kesey | Robert Creeley


| Jackson Pollock | Franz Kline | Marcel Duchamp | Ed Kienholz | Ed Ruscha | Jay Defeo | Wallace Berman | John Altoon | Ed Moses | Lenore Jaffee

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Museum of Online Museums - MoOM


The Museum Campus The Permanent Collection Galleries, Exhibitions and Shows

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Getty Museum (W3)
Jean Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Das Getty Museum in Los Angeles trägt den Namen des Stifters "Jean Paul Getty" (1892 bis 1976) - der große Kunstliebhaber unter den amerikanischen Milliardären.

Jean Paul Getty, 1892-1976, American business executive who amassed a multibillion-dollar fortune and established a museum in Malibu, California (1953), to publicly display his vast art collection. A new museum, the Getty Center, opened in Los Angeles in 1997.

Wer Richard Meier in seinem Großraumbüro in Midtown Manhattan besucht, genießt einen fabelhaften Blick über New York. Der amerikanische Urenkel deutscher Vorfahren aus Frankenthal bei Würzburg zählt zu den weltweit präsenten Stararchitekten. Sein Markenzeichen sind elegante strahlend weiße Baukörper. Haute Couture. Die sonore Stimme des großen, rundlichen, weißhaarigen Architekturpatriarchen kündet von Erfolg und Selbstbewusstsein. Besonders stolz kann er auf das Getty Center in Los Angeles sein. Wie oft wurde dieser riesige Museumskomplex auf dem Hügel von Malibu schon mit der Akropolis verglichen?

Hier findet man das Zitate von Jean Paul Getty:

If you can actually count your money, then you are not really a rich man.

The Getty Information Institute - (Biographische, bibliographische, geographische u.a. Thesauri)


The Getty Center Los Angeles
Who We Are
The Getty Center presents the Getty's collection of Western art from the Middle Ages to the present against a backdrop of dramatic architecture, tranquil gardens, and breathtaking views.

The Getty Villa Malibu
Who We Are
The Getty Villa is an educational center and museum dedicated to the study of the arts and cultures of ancient Greece, Rome, and Etruria.

J. Paul Getty Trust focus on the visual arts serves both general audiences and specialized professionals and they offer an impressive array of services. For instance, the Getty Research Institute provides access to a range of online research tools. The Research Library is accessible to both on-site and remote users and provides acesss to the Library Catalog, a myriad of collections and other services. The Explore Art section allows you to browse many of the works of art on display at the Getty by name, object, theme, or topic. You can also view current or past exhibitions. Among the best: Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828): Sculptor of the Enlightenment, and Raphael at the Gallery. There are also lesson plans and ideas for discussion on many aspects of art and art history.

Getty Center: Resources for Teachers
K-12 teachers can get reference materials, lessons, and activities from the Getty Institute. Looking at Decorative Arts examines furniture, tapestries, porcelain, and scientific objects. Looking at Portraits offers lesson plans, suggested questions, and activities prompt discussion and activities about six different portraits. Language Through Art helps ESL students learn new vocabulary, and practice using it by looking at and describing portraits, landscapes, and narrative works of art. Art and Language Arts are lessons by Los Angeles-area elementary teachers that use artwork in the Getty Museum collection to teach students language and visual arts skills. ArtsEdNet includes lesson plans, curriculum ideas, an image gallery, and ArtsEdNet Talk, an online community of teachers and learners.


16.12.2002 - Getty Center in Los Angeles eröffnet (16.12.1997)



This web site celebrates the architecture of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, which opens to the public Tuesday, December 16th, 1997. The J. Paul Getty Trust is the world's largest private foundation in support of the world's artistic and cultural heritage, and the Getty Center is one of the largest privately funded architectural complexes ever designed and constructed in a single architectural campaign. These photographs are intended to supplement those already published in various magazines and books, most notably in the Getty's own Making Architecture: The Getty Center and The J. Paul Getty Museum and Its Collections.

This site is not affiliated with the Getty Trust.


The photographs and text in this web site are meant to supplement those published in various magazines and books and to provide images of additional aspects of the architecture, landscaping, and details. For those with special interest in the travertine, museum courtyard, tramway, signage, trees and plants, or some other particular aspect of the Getty architecture, in-depth images are grouped by category.


Einige Zitate von und zu John Paul Getty (1892-1976) American oil executive and art collector:

The billionaire oil baron John Paul Getty was so cheap that he personally washed his own underwear every night, did not heat most portions of his PALATIAL home, and spent hours scrutinizing his grocery bills. He also installed a pay telephone at his English country estate to ensure that guests paid for their own calls!

At the age of 23, I was a millonaire and retired," John Paul Getty recalled. "Two years later I came out of retirement.

A man in his twenties who has known what it is to work can drink only so much champagne and paint the town only so many times before he wakes up to realise that he is wasting time and energy on meaningless things."

Museum of Hoaxes
Hoax Museum


Wonderful Stories contrived for the public from ancient times to the present day.

Dedicated to the exploration of hoaxes, mischief, and misinformation throughout history.


Hoax Photos April Fool's Day Categories

Hoaxes in History


The Museum of Hoaxes was established in 1997. It explores deception, mischief, and misinformation throughout history, playing host to a variety of humbugs and hoodwinks — from ancient fakery all the way up to modern schemes, dupes, and dodges that circulate online.


Hoaxes by Category

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National Museum of Language

As the concept of a language museum was being developed, it was quite early apparent that the theme of our national linguistic heritage was highly regarded as a topic that would interest many audiences. Perhaps nothing touches us so closely as the language that we and those around us speak. The telling of the story of this heritage is a powerful and dramatic one. It involves exploration, colonization, fierce struggles not only of men and weapons, but of language and culture. It witnesses the coming together of many peoples, and the birth of a new "American English." And sadly, it records the death, the extinction of many American Indian languages. The National Museum of Language wishes to tell this story to the people of America and the world. And so, as we slowly develop our plans, we begin with this theme.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast
Audiobeiträge des "MoMA" - "Museum of Modern Art"


For more information please visit "The Modern Art Notes Podcast" website:


"The Modern Art Notes Podcast"

Each week, artists, art historians and authors join host Tyler Green to discuss their work


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MOT (W3)

"MOT" steht für "Museum of Tolerance".


An Education in the MOT

"MOT" stands for "Museum of Tolerance", the only museum of its kind in the world. It is the educational arm of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, an internationally renowned human rights organization dedicated to promoting respect and mutual understanding, through education, community partnerships, and civic engagement.



"NMAA" steht für "National Museum of American Art".






Index of every model car show rod produced from 1960 to 2001



| '27 'T' Firetruck Rod | '58 Thunderbird | '65 Bonneville | Aerovette | Ala Kart | Alternomad Caprice | Aluma-Coupe | Amtronic | Aston-Martin Bond 007 | Astro-I | Astro-Vette | Badman | Bad Actor | Bad Medicine | Baja Bandito | Baja Beast | Barnabas Vampire Van | Bathtub | Bathtub Buggy | Batmobile | Bat Machine | | Bed Bug | Bed Buggy | Beer Wagon | Beetle Bus | Beverly Hillbillies | Big Rig Rod | Blackjack 'T' | Black Beard's Tub | Black Beauty | Black Beauty Dragster | Black Widow | Blue Beetle | Boob Tube | Boot Hill Express | Boss A Bone | Boyd's Hauler | Boyd's Smoothster | Bugaboo! | Bugs Buggy | Butterfly Catcher | Cabriolet '34 Ford | Californian | California Roller | California Street Vette | Canned Heat T-bucket | Charger III | Cherry Bomb | Cherry Pie Delivery Van | CheZoom | Chuck Wagon | Cinder Bug | Club de Mer | Cop Out | Cosma Ray Corvette | Cosmic Charger | Cougar II '65 Ford | Coupster | Creepy 'T' | Darracq | Deora | Depth Charger | Digger | Dog Catcher | Draggin' Fly | Dragon Wagon | Dream Rod | Drop Out Bus | Dual Jewel | | Elegant Farmer | Fast Buck | | Firebomb | Fire Bug | Firecracker | Fire Iron | Fire Truck | Flameout | Flying Dutchman | Flying Wedge | Fonz Dream Rod | Force 440 | Fruit Wagon | Fun Bug | Futurista | Galloping Ghost II | Garbage Truck | Gee-T | Good Guys TV Taxi | Gran Turismo | Green Hornet | Gridiron Grabber | Groovy Grader | Guber Wagen | Gypsy Dune Buggy | Hangman | Hard Hat Hauler | Haulin' Hearse | Heavenly Hearse | Hemi Howler | Hillbilly Hot Rod | Hippie Hemi | Honest Engine | Horn Toad | Horse Hide Hauler | Hot Surfer | Ice Cream Truck | Ice 'T' | Infini-T | Invader | Jawbreaker | Jinx Express | Jolly Rodger | Kiss Chevy Van | Koo Koo Kar | Kustom Rolls VW | Kyote Dune Buggy | Lanchester | Laramie Stage Ghost | La Salle Hearse | Leva Car | Li'l Bo Weevil | Li'l Cashbox | Li'l Coffin | Li'l Gasser | Li'l Gypsy Wagon | Li'l Hot Dogger | Li'l Mixer | Li'l Roamin' Chariot | Li'l 'Stogie Wagon | Li'l Van | Li'l Yeller | Lincoln Futura | Little Deuce | Little Red Wagon | Little 'T' | Lug Bug | | Macabre Thunderbird | Magnum GT II | Mail Truck | Mako Shark | Malco Super Vett | Mannix Roadster | Maxi Mav | Meat Wagon | Meter Cheater | Meyers Manx | Meyers Tow'd | Milk Truck | Mission Impossible | Monkeemobile | Moonscope | Moon Mixer | Moving Violation | Mummy Machine | Munsters Dragula | Munsters Koach | Muscle Bug | Mysterion | | One-Arm Bandit | Orange Crate | Orange Hauler | Outcast | Outcast (57 Chevy) | Outhouse | Outlaw | Paddy Wagon | Paddy Wagon (Casper) | Patent Pending | Paul Revere & The Raiders Coach | Peppermint Fuzz | Phone Booth | Pie Wagon | Pink Panther | Pintera Pinto | Pinto Street Rod | Piping Hot | Poison Pinto | Pontiac Banshee | Popcorn Wagon | Predicta | Quicksilver | Rat Vega | Rattler | RC Cola Wagon | Red Baron | Red Chariot | Ricksha | Road Agent | Rodfather | Rolls Runner | Rommel's Rod | Royal Rail | RRRroarin RRRrambulance | | | Sand Crab | Sand Draggin | Sand Shark | Sand Shark Dune Buggy | Sand T Dune Buggy | S'cool Bus | Scorpion | Serpent | Shalako Dune Buggy | Sidewinder Show Truck | Silhouette | Skorpion | Slingshot | Smug Bug | Sno Skeeter | Son of Ford | | Sorcerer Van | Space Alien: 1999 | Speedwagon | Speed Shop Express | Squad Rod | Station Wagon Buggy | Stingaree! | Stinger Dragster | Sting Ray III | Street 'T' Ford | Streetle Beetle | Street Beast '26 | Street Fighter | Street Fighter Two | Sticks & Slicks Choppers Block | Sticks & Slicks Power Stage "8" | Sticks & Slicks Wood Burner | Supervan | Super Teen Firebird | Surf Buggy | Surf Rod | Surf Woody | Surf 'N Van | Surfite | Sweathogs Dream Machine | SweetTee | 'T' Bomb | T-Bone Stake | 'T' Buggy | Tepee 'T' | Thunder Charger | Tiger Shark | Tijuana Taxi | Tognitti's King T | 'T' Paddy Wagon | Trantula | Travolta's Firebird Fever | Trick 'T' Dragster | Troublemaker | Turbine Car (Chrysler) | Turbo Shark | Tweedy Pie | Tweedy Pie 2 | Uncertain T | man from U.N.C.L.E. car | Undertaker | UnReal Roller | Vanbulance | Vandal | Vantastic | Vega Mini-Van | Vending Machine | Vette Agin | Vette Van | Volks Van | Wild Dream | Willys' Van | Winged Express (Altered 'T') | Woody Ford Wagon '30 | The Wurst | XR6 Experimental Roadster | ZZR |

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SI (W3)

"SI" steht für "Smithsonian Institution".

Auf den vielen Seiten des SI kann man Stunden verbringen und entdeckt immer wieder neu Seiten, interessante Beiträge und schöne Fotografien.

Welcome to the "Smithsonian Institution", the world's largest museum complex and research organization composed of 19 museums and 9 research centers. Visit the Smithsonian in person or online and you will see why it represents for so many the treasured icons of our past, the vibrant art of the present, and the scientific promise of the future.

Smithsonian Museums: African Art Museum | Air and Space Museum and Udvar-Hazy Center | American Art Museum and its Renwick Gallery | American History Museum | American Indian Museum | Anacostia Community Museum | Arts and Industries Building | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum | Freer and Sackler Galleries | Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden | National Zoo | Natural History Museum | Portrait Gallery | Postal Museum | Smithsonian Institution Building, the Castle (visitor information) | Future Museum | National Museum of African American History and Culture | Smithsonian Research | Archives of American Art | Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) | Museum Conservation Institute (MCI) | Environmental Research Center (SERC) | Libraries | Photography Initiative | Tropical Research Institute (STRI) | More Research | Smithsonian Outreach | Asian Pacific American Program | Center for Education and Museum Studies | Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage | Hurricane Response | Latino Center | National Science Resources Center | Regional Programs | The Smithsonian Associates | Traveling Exhibitions | Smithsonian Podcasts | Smithsonian Podcasts | Smithsonian Networks | Smithsonian Channel | More Information

Smithsonian Institution



About Us

Founded in 1846, the Smithsonian is the world's largest museum and research complex, consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and nine research facilities.



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Smithsonian X 3D - Overview



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