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Word of the Week


English is a language on the move, with new words and phrases coming into existence week after week. Time to take a look at some of the most recent and bring them to your notice. You probably won’t find them in any dictionary yet, so turn to ‘Word of the Week’ and stay up-to-date with your English!

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Business Englisch
Word of the Week


Wichtige Fachwörter, Ausdrücke und Redewendungen für das tägliche Business English: In diesem Archiv finden Sie alle bereits erschienenen Beiträge alphabetisch sortiert.

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Word of the Week


From "afterparty" to "zorbing" and "Asbo" to "zombie", new words are appearing right through the alphabet.

Erstellt: 2010-02




A Phrase A Week


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We have started a new free service to e-mail you an explanation of the origin of a commonly used English phrase each week.
We research the origins of phrases continuously and publish them in our meanings and origins section.
You don't need to come back here to check for new phrases though, just sign-up and we'll mail you the meaning and origin of a newly researched phrase each week.

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Am 31.12.2007 waren folgende englische Redewendungen im Index zum Newsletterdienst "A Phrase A Week":

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Am 31.12.2007 waren folgende englische Redewendungen im Archiv zum Newsletterdienst "A Phrase A Week":

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