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Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
Spice Names


On these pages, I present solid information on (currently) 117 different spice plants. Emphasis is on their usage in ethnic cuisines, particularly in Asia; furthermore, I discuss their history, chemical constituents, and the etymology of their names. Last but not least, there are numerous photos featuring the live plants or the dried spices.

List of all spices:

  • (E?)(L?)

  • This index contains English and botanical names for all spices discussed on my pages. Names in other languages are found in the large (771?kbytes) Alphabetical Index, which currently holds almost 10500 plant names in more than 60 different languages. Readers not afraid of non-Latin alphabets will enjoy the special indices for Chinese/Japanese, Cyrillic, Indic, Hebrew and Arabic.

  • — A —
  • Abraham’s balm Achiote African grains of Selim African pepper-tree Agnus castus Ajowan Ajwain Alligator pepper Allspice Almond Ammi Anise Anise, Chinese Anise, Indian Anise, star Anise chervil Anise cicely Aniseed Anise pepper Annatto Arrowroot, Indian Arugula Asafetida Asafoetida (Ashanti pepper) Augue tree
  • — B —
  • Badian anise Baldina (Balinese pepper) Balm Balm gentle Balm-mint Basil Basil, Chinese (Basil, sacred) Bastard cinnamon Bastard saffron Bay leaf Bay leaf, Indian Bay leaf, Indonesian Bay leaf, West-Indian Bear’s garlic (Bee balm) Beebread Beefsteak plant Bell pepper Bengal pepper Benny, black (Bergamot) (Bergamot orange) Bishop’s weed Bitter almond (Bitter orange) Black benny Black cardamom Black cumin Black mustard seed Black pepper Black sugar Bladder seed Blue fenugreek Blue melilot Blue-white clover Blue-white trigonella Bog myrtle Boldina Boldo leaves Borage Brazil cress Brazil pepper Brown cardamom (Brown mustard seed) Bugloss Burrage (Burro pepper)
  • — C —
  • California pepper tree Candle berry Caper Capers Caraway Cardamom Cardamom, black Cardamom, brown Cardamom, greater Indian Cardamom, green Cardamom, Indian Cardamom, Nepali Cardamom, true Carom Carroway Carvies Cassia Cassia, Chinese Cassia, fagot Cassia, Indonesian Cassia, Jawa Cassia, Padang Cassia, Saigon Cassia, Vietnamese Cayenne pepper Celeriac Celery Ceylon cinnamon Chameleon plant Charnushka (Chase-the-Devil) Chaste tree Cherry, mahaleb Cherry, perfumed Chervil Chervil, Spanish Chervil, sweet Chile Chili Chilli Chilly Chinese anise Chinese basil Chinese cassia Chinese cinnamon Chinese ginger Chinese key Chinese lizard tail Chinese parsley Chinese pepper Chives Cicely Cilantro Cilantro, Puerto Rican Cilantro, Vietnamese Cinnamon Cinnamon, bastard Cinnamon, Chinese Cinnamon, Indonesian Cinnamon, Padang Cinnamon, Saigon Cinnamon, Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Vietnamese (Citron) Citronella Clove Clover, blue-white (Clusius pepper) Coconut Common nasturtium (Continental wild thyme) Coriander Coriander, long Coriander, Mexican Coriander, Puerto Rican Coriander, sawtooth Coriander, spiny Coriander, Vietnamese (Creeping thyme) Cress Cress, Brazil Cress, garden Cress, Indian Cress, Para- Cress, water Cubeb pepper (Cubeb pepper, false) Cumin Cumin, black Cumin, sweet Cumin, wild Cummin Curd herb Curry leaves
  • — D —
  • Date, Indian (Devil-in-the-bush) Devil’s dung Dill
  • — E —
  • English cherry Epazote (Eschallot)
  • — F —
  • Fagara Fagot cassia (False cubeb pepper) Fennel Fennel flower Fenugreek Fenugreek, blue Filè Finger grass Fingerroot Fishwort Fitweed Fragrant ginger Fragrant screwpine French parsley French tarragon
  • — G —
  • Galangale Galangale, greater Galangale, lesser Gale Garden chervil Garden cress Garden lovage Garden myrrh Garden nasturtium Garden poppy Garden rue Garden thyme Garlic German tarragon Gingelly Ginger Ginger, Chinese Ginger, fragrant Ginger, lesser Ginger, sand Ginger, Siamese Goosefoot, West Indian Grains of paradise Grains of Selim Grass, finger Greater galangale Greater Indian cardamom Greek hayseed Green cardamom Green pepper Guinea grains Guinea pepper (Guinea pepper)
  • — H —
  • (Habanero) Hayseed, greek (Hedge mustard) Hedge mustard (Hedge weed) Hemptree Herb of Grace Honey plant Horseradish Horseradish, Japanese Hyssop
  • — I —
  • Indian anise Indian arrowroot Indian bay leaves Indian cardamom Indian cress Indian date Indian parsley Indian saffron Indonesian bay leaves Indonesian cinnamon Indonesian lemon-pepper Ironwood, lemon
  • — J —
  • Jaborandi pepper Jamaica pepper Japanese horseradish Japanese pepper Japanese prickly ash Jawa cassia Jawa peppercorn Jerusalem parsley (Julienne, yellow) Juniper
  • — K —
  • Kaffir lime Kani pepper Key, Chinese Knotted marjoram
  • — L —
  • Lad’s Love Laksa plant Laurel Lavender Lemon Lemon balm Lemon grass Lemon ironwood Lemon myrtle Lemon-pepper, Indonesian Lemon-scented myrtle Lemon-scented verbena Lemon verbena Lesser galangale Lesser ginger Licorice Lily, resurrection Lime Lime, wild Lipstick tree Liquorice Lizard tail, Chinese Long coriander Long pepper Lovage (Love-in-a-Mist) Love Parsley
  • — M —
  • Mace Mace, sweet Mahaleb cherry Maiden’s ruin Mango Marigold, Mexican Marjoram Marjoram, wild Melegueta pepper Melilot, blue Mexican coriander Mexican marigold Mexican mint marigold Mexican pepper leaves Mexican saffron Mexican tarragon Mexican Tea Mint Mint, pepper- Mint, Vietnamese Mint marigold, Mexican (Monard) Moor pepper Mountain pepper Mugwort Mustard, hedge Mustard seed, black (Mustard seed, brown) Mustard seed, white Myrrh, garden Myrtle Myrtle, bog Myrtle, lemon Myrtle, lemon scented Myrtle pepper
  • — N —
  • Nasturtium Native pepper Negro pepper Nepal cardamom Nepal pepper Nigella Nutmeg Nutmeg flower
  • — O —
  • Old Man Old Man (Old Woman) Olive Onion Onion seed Opium poppy Orange (Orange, bergamot) (Orange, bitter) (Orange, sour) Orange, sweet Oregan Oregano (Oswego tea)
  • — P —
  • Padang cinnamon Paddy herb Paprika Paracress Parsley Parsley, Chinese Parsley, French Parsley, Indian Parsley, Jerusalem Pepper Pepper, alligator Pepper, anise (Pepper, Ashanti) (Pepper, Balinese) Pepper, bell Pepper, Bengal Pepper, black Pepper, Brazil (Pepper, Burro) Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Chinese (Pepper, Clusius) Pepper, cubeb (Pepper, cubeb (false)) Pepper, green Pepper, Guinea (Pepper, Guinea) Pepper, Jaborandi Pepper, Jamaica Pepper, Japanese Pepper, Jawanese Pepper, Kani Pepper, long Pepper, melegueta Pepper, moor Pepper, mountain Pepper, native (Pepper, Peruvian) Pepper, pink Pepper, pod Pepper, red Pepper, sacred Pepper, Senegal Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, sweet Pepper, tailed Pepper, Tasmanian Pepper, water Pepper, white Pepper grass Pepper leaves, Mexican Peppermint Pepper rosé Pepper tree, African Pepper tree, Californian (Pepper tree, Peruvian) Perfumed cherry Pericon Perilla (Peruvian pepper tree) Pigweed, sweet Pimento Pimento Pink pepper Pod pepper Pomegranate Poppy Prickly ash Puerto Rican coriander Pumpkin seeds
  • — Q —
  • — R —
  • Ramson Red pepper Resurrection lily Rice paddy herb Rock cherry Rocket (Romanian brown mustard) Root beer plant Rose Rosemary Rue
  • — S —
  • (Sacred basil) Sacred pepper Safflor Safflower Saffron Saffron, bastard Saffron, Indian Saffron, Mexican Sage Saigon cinnamon Salad rocket Sand ginger (Sarepta mustard) Sassafras Savory Saw leaf herb Sawtooth coriander Scallion (Scotch Bonnet) Screwpine, fragrant Screw pine flower Screw pine leaf Screw tree flower Screw tree leaf Selim, grains of Senegal pepper Sesame Sesame, wild (Sevilla orange) (Shallot) Shumac Siamese ginger Sichuan pepper Sicilian sumac Skunkweed Smartweed (Sour orange) Southernwood Spanish chervil (Spanish garlic) Spanish juice Spanish tarragon Spiny coriander Sri Lanka cinnamon St. Lucie cherry Star anise Stinking gum Sumac Sumac, Sicilian Sumach Sweet almond Sweet balm Sweet basil Sweet bay leaves Sweet chervil Sweet cicely Sweet cumin Sweet cumin Sweet gale Sweet laurel Sweet mace Sweet marjoram Sweet orange Sweet pepper Sweet pigweed Sweet scented myrrh Sweet trefoil Sweet verbena tree Szechwan pepper Szetchwan pepper
  • — T —
  • Tailed pepper Tamarind Tarragon Tarragon, French Tarragon, German Tarragon, Mexican Tarragon, Spanish Tarragon, winter Tasmanian pepper Tea, Mexican (Tea, Oswego) Thyme (Thyme, continental wild) (Thyme, creeping) Tonco bean Tonka bean Tonquin bean Toothache plant Trigonella, blue-white True cardamom Turmeric Turmeric, white
  • — U —
  • Umbrella tree
  • — V —
  • Vanilla Verbena, lemon Verbena tree, sweet Vietnamese cinnamon Vietnamese coriander Vietnamese mint
  • — W —
  • Water cress Water pepper West-Indian bay leaves West Indian goosefoot White mustard seed White pepper White turmeric Wild cumin Wild garlic Wild lime Wild marjoram (Wild mustard) Wild rocket Wild sesame Winter tarragon Wormseed (Wormwood)
  • — X —
  • — Y —
  • (Yellow julienne)
  • — Z —
  • Zedoary

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