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Pemberton (W3)

Den Familiennamen "Pemberton" findet man in verschiedenen Schreibweisen wie "Pembertin", "Pemberton", "Permmerton", "Pemton", "Pimberton", "Pimperton", "Pimpton", "Penburton", "Pompton". Es handelt sich dabei um einen Herkunftsnamen, der sich auf einen Bezirk "Pemberton" (south-west of Wigan, in the county of Lancashire) bezieht ("Penberton" (1201), "Pemberton" (1212). Die Bezeichnung setzt sich zusammen aus altengl. "pen" = dt. "Berggipfel", altengl. "bere" = dt. "Gerste", "Graupe" und altengl. "tun" = dt. "Zaun" und erweitert "Bauernhof" (der auch in engl. "town" = dt. "Stadt" steckt). "Pemberton" bedeutet also dt. "Gerstenfarm auf dem Hügel".

Pemberton, John (1727-1795)


American Civil War: Lieutenant General John C. Pemberton


Sophie Pemberton - Canadian Painter


Pemberton, Steve


Ginther, Pemberton, 1869-1959


Pemberton, Max, 1863-1950 ¶ Pemberton, Murdock, 1888-1982 ¶ Pemberton, T. Edgar ¶ Pemberton, Thomas Edgar ¶


Pemberton, Prentiss



J.C. Pemberton

Pemberton, John Clifford (1814-1881), a United States and Confederate army officer.


Pemberton One-Name Study
Variant names

"Pembertonne", "Pemerton", "Penmerton", "Pembarton", "Pembarto", "Premerton", etc. Not "Pembleton" (See "Pendleton".)

Name origin

There are varying opinions about the origin and meaning of the name. Most seem to agree that "ber" refers to "barley" and "ton" to a hill or town. Others advance the idea that "ber" is a transformation of "brit" which has the same root as "British". quotes the Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4, thus: 'English: habitational name from a place in Greater Manchester called Pemberton, from Celtic "penn" "hill", "head" + Old English "bere" "barley" + "tun" "enclosure", "settlement".' Then, if one really likes to speculate, there are ancient and tantalising names like "Dumbarton".


Pemberton Origins

The origin of the name "Pemberton" has been traced as far back as 1189 when "Adam de Pemberton" is mentioned in the Close Rolls of London, during the reign of King Richard I, "the Lionheart" who was King of England from 1189 to 1199. The earliest Pemberton will in the Cheshire Record Office is "William Pemberton", 1581, and the earliest in Lancashire is Alan de Pemberton, 1202.

"Pemberton", as a place name, can be traced to an area southwest of Wigan, Lancashire, England. It was recorded in the Pipe Rolls of that county in 1201 as "Penberton". A decade later it is recorded as "Pemberton" in the Book of Fees. The Surname Database states that "...the place was called from the Olde English pre 7th century "pen", meaning the summit of a hill, "bere", meaning barley, and "tun", a farm hence, "The barley farm on the hill".


Pourquoi John Pemberton a marqué les annales?


Last name: Pemberton

Recorded in a wide range of spellings including "Pembertin", "Pemberton", "Permmerton", "Pemton", "Pimberton", "Pimperton", "Pimpton", "Penburton", "Pompton" and others, this is an English surname.


"Merry Pemberton", also known as Gimmick Girl and Merry, Girl of 1000 Gimmicks is a fictional character in the DC Comics Universe. She first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #81 in June 1948.


"Pemberton" is an English, Anglo Saxon family name (surname) first found in "Pemberton", Greater Manchester, a residential area of Wigan, historically a part of Lancashire. It is common in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States and many places with an English diaspora.

Abfrage im Google-Corpus mit 15Mio. eingescannter Bücher von 1500 bis heute.

Engl. "Pemberton" taucht in der Literatur um das Jahr 1760 auf.

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