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An Ambilingual Interdisciplinary Journal

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GLOSSA - An Ambilingual Interdisciplinary Journal (ISSN 1931-776X)

The first and only linguistic Academic Journal published in Puerto Rico

Glossa is an international journal that covers a wide variety of subjects concerning all the different aspects of language. The journal welcomes authoritative, innovative and pragmatic scholarship from all areas of Social Sciences and Humanities. Contributions from the neighboring disciplines are welcome in this journal provided that they have some bearing on the functioning of language.

The School of Social and Human Sciences at Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico is pleased to introduce the fourth issue of GLOSSA, an interdisciplinary and multicultural peer-reviewed journal. GLOSSA is established with the purpose of sharing scholastic knowledge and research related to the study of language and its interdependence on individuals and the society.


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Articles Volume 6 Number 2 - October 2011

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Exploring the Relationship Between Teachers' Spiritual Intelligence and Classroom Discipline Strategies
Soleiman Yahyazadeh Jeloudar, Aida Suraya Md Yunus, Samsila Bt Roslan, and Sharifah Md Nor
University of Putra (Malaysia) [Abstract]

Cultural and Emotional Intelligences in the Development of Global Transformational Leadership Skills
María V. Lugo Brigewater College (USA)[Abstract]


Global Solidarity as a Way to Overcome Current World Problems
W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz Lebanese American University (Lebanon)

Democracy for the Twenty-first Century: From Domination to Co-creation
Anatoliy Tolstoukhov, Iurii Mielkov Center for Practical Philosophy (Ukrania)

Philosophical Images of the Human Being: Citizen of the World as a Culture Figure
Peter Kemp University of Aarhus (Denmark)

The Challenge of a Global Environmental Philosophy to Humanism: Reevaluation of Cosmopolitan Ethics Hugh McDonald New York City College of Technology (USA)

On Transhumanism
Evgeny Aramovich Abramyan Retired (Armenia)

The Purpuse, Role and Application of Coaching
Zoran Vujuisic Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico)


Articles Volume 5 Number 2 - October 2010

Rhetorical Choices in Introductions of Examination Essays: a Cross-Disciplinary Study
Joseph B. A. Afful University of Cape Coast (Ghana) [Abstract]

Gender Stereotyping and Gendered Discourses in a Hong Kong Primary English Textbook
Chi Cheung Ruby Yang The Hong Kong Institute of Education (China) [Abstract]

Cultured-Education in Colleges and Universities in China: The Current Situation and the Way Forward
Liu Jingxia Three Gorges University (China) [Abstract]

A Morphosyntactic Analysis of Efik Proverbs
Eyo Offiong Mensah University of Calabar (Nigeria) [Abstract]


Defining Propaganda
Zev Bar-Lev San Diego State University (USA)

Manuscritos Desde el Dolor: Ser Mujer y Marginal en una Comunidad Judía
Elisa Cohen de Chervonagura Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (Argentina)

Trascending the Limitations of Worldview and Achieving Mental Health, Self-Actualization and Tolerance Through Religious Psychotherapeutic Methodologies: A Call for Scientific Investigation
Zoran Vujisic Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico)


Articles Volume 5 Number 1 - March 2010

The Language Heritage of the Caribbean: Linguistic Genocide and Resistance.
Hubert Devonish University of the West Indies(Jamaica) [Abstract]

The Role of Auditory Discrimination Tests in the Evaluation of Bulgarian Primary School Learners of English Phonological Awareness.
Tsvetelina Harakchiysca University of Ruse (Bulgaria) [Abstract]

Retórica y Memoria en el Repertorio de Prensa Digital ReCoL (1949-2009)
Xavier Laborda-Gil Universidad de Barcelona (Spain) [Abstract]


Historia Social e Ideologías de las Sociedades y Otros Ensayos Sobre Historia de Georges Duby .
Alice del Toro Ruiz Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico)

Foolery as a Means to Personal Safety: The Comic Apprehension of Power Relations in Emile Habibi’s The Pessoptimist.
Ibrahim A. El-Hussari The Lebanese American University (Lebanon)

Uso y Manejo del Manual Diagnóstico y Estadístico de los Trastornos Mentales en la Consejería Profesional con un Enfoque Clínico
Magnolia Grullon Universidad del Turabo (Puerto Rico)

Winking at Derrida: The Happy Union of Deconstruction and Feminism
Rasool Khezerloo Urmia University (Iran)


Articles Volume 4 Number 2 - October 2009

The Impact of Sect-Affiliation on Dialect and Cultural Maintenance Among the Druze of Jordan: An Exploratory Study.
Mahmoud A. Al-Khatib & Abdulaziz A. Alzoubi Jordan University of Science & Technology (Jordan) [Abstract]

Investigating Parameter Resetting by Persian Learners of English as a Second Language: The Case of Null Subject Value
Alireza Jalilifar & Zohre G. Shooshtari Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz (Iran) [Abstract]

Libel in the Mass Media as a Linguistic and Legal Question
Tomo Korosec & Monika Kalin Golob University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) [Abstract]

Intercultural Bilingual Education and the Officialization of Culture in Perú
Ana Saroli Acadia University (Canada) [Abstract]

Complejidad y Emergencia en Lingüística y Ciencias de la Comunicación
Albert Bastardas-Boada Universitat de Barcelona (España)

On ‘Multiple Wh-Fronting’
Grete Dalmi Eszterhazy College (Hungary) & Kalman Dudas Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary)

Some New Perspectives on Lexical and Functional Categories: Revisiting Brown’s ‘Fourteen Grammatical Morphemes’
Joseph Galasso California State University (United States)


Articles Volume 4 Number 1 - December 2008

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Articles Volume 3 Number 2 - June 2008

Articles Volume 3 Number 1 - December 2007 (Available in print by subscription)

Articles Volume 2 Number 2 - June 2007 (Available in print by subscription)

Articles Volume 2 Number 1 - December 2006 (Available in print by subscription)

June 2006

Articles Volume 1 Number 1 - June 2006 (Available in print by subscription)



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