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L'Encyclopédie Africaine

Der "Afrika-Himmel" bietet eine Menge Information zum aktuellen Geschehen und zu Geschichte und Kultur Afrikas.




Présentation est un site d'actualité dédié à l'afrique noire.
Conçu et réalisé par de jeunes africains, le site a pour ambition de promouvoir la culture africaine, d'encourager toutes les iniatives positives en faveur du continent

Ce site se veut une référence du web africain de part la qualité de son conetenu et la gratuité des services qu'il propose.


Africaciel s'est donné pour mission:


L'Encyclopédie Africaine

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Encyclopedia of the orient

Diese Enzyklopädie behandelt alle Länder und Kulturen von Nordafrika bis zum Mittleren Osten, von Mauretanien bis zum Iran, von der Türkei bis zum Sudan.
Mit vielen Begriffen und 4.000 Artikeln und Bildern, Karten, Reiseinformationen aus dem Orient.

Auch einen Arabischkurs findet man auf der Site.


Tore Kjeilen
Editor of Encyclopaedia of the Orient
(b. 1968) I live in the centre of Oslo, the capital of Norway. I have an honors degree (a somewhat longer study than a Master's) in Science of Religion from the University of Bergen, with Arabic and History as supporting subjects. I specialized in modern Islam for my honors, in which I wrote Tunis - Islam - 1994 - 1995. I have also studied architecture for 2,5 years.

Since 2005, Dave Zersen has been co-editor of the encyclpaedia. Working his way through the alphabet, his is the honour of the improved quality of the language.


What is this?

The Encyclopaedia of the Orient is a one-stop online resource which covers all countries and cultures between Mauritania in the west and Iran in the east, Turkey in the north and Sudan in the south. It is exactly what the name indicates, an encyclopaedia. And even better, you will never come to a page that suddenly tells you that you can't get any further unless you pay for a subscription. Everything is free. This time, and the next time you come back! The only change is that the next time you visit us, you will find more information. The Encyclopaedia of the Orient grows all the time.

The Encyclopaedia contains original material. What you read here is written for this publication, only. The content is updated on a weekly basis, and as long as the world does not change too quickly for our small staff, you will always find the freshest information here.

The Encyclopaedia of the Orient has articles that aim at both the high school and university level student. So even if the articles we have published since 2000 (articles written before this date are generally short) are more extensive than any other serious encyclopaedia, the Encyclopaedia of the Orient will never be the fully exhaustive on all subjects, for this you should refer to specialized publications. But it will hopefully be able to help anyone to find just the right information he or she needs within few minutes.

North Africa and the Middle East are still far too unfairly treated in the world press. This might not be a problem for an audience which already knows the region well , but all too many get little information on this region beyond the media image of wars and poverty.

In Encyclopaedia of the Orient we try to present all aspects of one of the world's most interesting regions. And as one of far too few websites, we present all nations and religions in one place and aim to do justice to all of them. It's clearly a difficult task, since we from time to time also have to rely upon sources that are not unbiased. But fortunately, with our large (and increasing) audience, we get corrected quickly if we make errors.

This is the way we intend to continue building what we aim at becoming the world's superior collection of information on North Africa and the Middle East.

Historical maps

Algeria | Bahrain | Egypt | Iran | Iraq | Israel | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Mauritania | Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | Turkey | U.A.E. | Western Sahara | Yemen |

Historical maps: Ancient Egypt | | Paul's journeys (1st century CE) | Seljuqs (11th and 12th centuries) | Andalucia (711-1492) | Mamluks (1250-1517) ca. 1400 | Ottoman Empire 1300-1922 | Safavids (1501-1732) ca. 1650

Major cities: Baghdad, Iraq | Cairo, Egypt | Damascus, Syria | Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine

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