Etymologie, Etimología, Étymologie, Etimologia, Etymology, (griech.) etymología, (lat.) etymologia, (esper.) etimologio
@_ Welt, Mundo, Monde, Mondo, World, (lat.) orbis (terrae), (esper.) mondo
virtuelle Staaten, Pays Virtuels, Virtual Countries, (esper.) virtuala lando


Micro-Nations and Model Countries

A "micronation" is any number of things: Due to the vast number of virtual states listed here, they have been broken up into alphabetical groupings.

Artemis Project

The Project is a private venture to establish a permanent, self-supporting community on the Moon.


Why "Artemis"?

"Artemis" is the twin sister of Apollo in Greek mythology. She is the moon, and Apollo is the sun. Artemis is also goddess of the hunt, a constant reminder that our project is a voyage of exploration, a venture which will live off the land in its travels and return products of great value to our home on Earth.

Empire of Atlantium

The Empire of Atlantium is a unique independent State based in Sydney, Australia, with a primarily non-territorial immanent global sovereignty.
An independent sovereign state, founded in 1981 and located in Sydney, Australia.



Conch Republic

In 1982, the United States Boarder Patrol established a military style roadblock on the Overseas Highway, where all northbound traffic was stopped and searched for illegal aliens and drugs. The ensuing well-publicized traffic jam effectively stymied Key West's tourism industry.
Mayor Dennis Wardlow, along with five local businessmen, hatched a scheme to save the Key West economy. The "Conch Republic" was created, declaring its independence and war on the United States, and then immediately surrendering and applying for foreign aid. The roadblock was discontinued, and the economy was saved.


Einer der größten - gemessen an den freiwilligen Staatsbürgern - ist die Republik Cyber-Jugoslawien mit über 11.000 Bürgern, von denen jeder einen Ministerposten innehat (z.B. den für „gefüllte Peperoni“).

This is Cyber Yugoslavia. Home of Cyber Yugoslavs. We lost our country in 1991 and became citizens of Atlantis. Since September 9, 1999 this is our home. We don't have a physical land, but we do have nationality, and we are giving CY citizenships and CY passports. Because this is Atlantis, we are allowing double and triple citizenships. If you feel Yugoslav, you are welcome to apply for CY citizenship, regardless of your current nationality and citizenship, and you will be accepted. Please read our Constitution for the details. If you are just curious, you are welcome to visit us as tourists.

This land will grow as our citizens wish. Neither faster, nor slower. Neither more, nor less. So, this site will always be under construction. For a solid country to grow, even a virtual one, it takes some time.

When we have five million citizens, we plan to apply to the UN for member status. When this happens, we will ask 20 square meters of land anywhere on Earth to be our country. On this land, we'll keep our server.





The Principality of Freedonia is the premier new nation project in the world. Our goal is to establish a new nation with the most Freedom possible.
Freedonia is the name of Groucho Marx's "alien nation" in the film Duck Soup
The aim of all political association is the preservation of the natural and imprescriptible rights of man. These rights are liberty, security in person and property, and resistance to oppression. We feel that present day governments are no longer effective protectors of the rights and liberties of the people. So we hereby establish this constitution to ensure the liberty of the people and let people live free in the Principality of Freedonia.



Hutt River Province Principality

This Independent State of which HRH Prince Leonard is Sovereign, is located in the West of the Australian continent.

The Province came into being in 1970, when Leonard Casley formally seceded from the Commonwealth of Australia, following a protracted dispute on wheat quotas. The Province was later declared a principality to protect Leonard Casley's supporters from prosecution.

Hutt River Province Principality

His Royal Highness Prince Leonard
Sovereign Prince of The Hutt River Province Principality






ist ein virtueller Staat im Internet, der 1996 von dem schwedischen Künstler Lars Vilks geschaffen wurde. Heute sind mehr als 6.000 Menschen rund um den Globus als virtuelle Staatsbürger von Ladonia registriert.

Freie Republik Laputa

Volkskommissariat für Aufklärung und Information
Governmental Server of THE FREE REPUBLIC OF LAPUTA - the No. 1 Rogue State
Member State of the Union of Sownyet Socialistic Republics
Wir sprechen hier Kolonial-Deutsch, and sometimes we speak Pidgin-English.
Die Freie Republik Laputa ist die einzige und wahre Freie Republik
Hüten Sie sich vor billigen Imitationen!
'Wirtuel' - Governmental Server of THE FREE REPUBLIC OF LAPUTA - the No. 1 Rogue State - Member State of the Union of Sownyet Socialistic Republics - Wir sprechen hier Kolonial-Deutsch, and sometimes we speak Pidgin-English.
Die Freie Republik Laputa ist die einzige und wahre Freie Republik

Laissez Faire City

is a sovereign international city domiciled in Cyberspace. It is a nexus; a focal point for the development of a free market cyberspace economy, and the interaction between sovereign individuals.
We are currently undergoing a reorganization.
If you are a Founder coming in from the cold, use the Support email address you have been given for further information.

Lomar - Freie Republik von Lomar

The Republic of Lomar Foundation (hereafter ROLF) is a transnational diplomatic institution focused on activities and issues related to refugee documentation, human rights, and local development.
In the spirit of inventor and humanist Fridtjof Nansen, our primary mission is to give refugees and other qualified individuals access to an alternative citizenship - permanently or temporarily. The ROLF also provides them with the documents needed to establish their identity for the purpose of reestablishing a normal life project (passport, identification card, consular card, certificates of citizenship and naturalization). As Norwegian Minister of Culture Turid Birkeland's expressed in 1997, "Frontiers are closed and nations turn their backs. We are facing a situation in which a universal Nansen Passport may once again be the solution."

League of Secessionist States

Organization focusing on uniting micronations in the same manner as the United Nations.
Languages: English, Português, Castellano, Français
The League of Secessionist States was founded on the 26th of November, 1980 by the Kingdom of Talossa, the Kingdom of Thord and the Imperial Jahn Empire, as an organization to unite micronations. Micronations, also known as ephemeral states, imaginary states, model nations, counter-countries and unrecognized states, are a growing phenomenon. They range from the inventions of single individuals to (virtually) functioning societies with populations in the thousands, often spread across 'national' boundaries. What they have in common is the voluntary nature of citizenship, which is unrecognized by the established (Macro-)nations. They have often been described as the future of nationhood; communities of like minded individuals who do not rely on an accident of birth or geography to define themselves as compatriots.
Currently, the League of Secessionist States is an organization of 36 such micronations; it exists to promote intermicronational communication and partnership, and serves to act as a supramicronational, impartial body where such a need for one exists. As of February, 2002, Mr. Fred Church from the Democracy of Cherusken-Isonomia is serving as the Secretary-General.


Dominion of Melchizedek

A recognized ecclesiastical and constitutional sovereignty inspired by the principles of the Melchizedek.
The original capital of Melchizedek was Salem (now called Jerusalem), an ancient city in the Middle East considered to be international territory.



Im Februar 2003 waren hier 90.000 virtuellen Nationen aktiv.

New Utopia
Principality of New Utopia

A New Nation being built in the Caribbean. An oasis in the middle of the ocean, Office buildings, hotels, theaters and shopping centers, sitting slightly ...
A city-state micronation whose government and society is based on Monaco.

Nova Roma

Because ancient Rome stands as the bedrock of western civilization...
Because Roman Virtues mean more than Family Values...
Because the Gods of Olympus are calling...
Dedicated to the restoration of Classical Roman religion, culture, and virtues
Current population: MDLIV (1554) (29.10.2002)


Country of Oceanus
The ocean seas belong to us all. Oceanus Government is the world's only non-exclusive consensus management plan for the environment.





Principality of Sealand

During the 1939-45 War, Great Britain established an artificial island on the High Seas.
This island was equipped with radar and heavy armaments and occupied by some two hundred servicemen.
The task of the island and its inhabitants was to guard the approaches to the Thames Estuary, where large and vulnerable convoys of shipping were assembled.
Some time after the cessation of hostilities, the island was derelicted and abandoned by the British Government.
In the winter of 1966, a British family took possession and commenced the task of equipping and restoring the island. On 2 September 1967, they hoisted their own flag and declared the existence of a new state - the Principality of Sealand.


During the 1939-45 War, Great Britain established an artificial island on the High Seas.

The Principality of Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, six miles off the eastern shores of Britain.

Sealand was founded as a sovereign Principality in 1967 in international waters, six miles off the eastern shores of Britain. The island fortress is conveniently situated from 65 to 100 miles from the coasts of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The official language of Sealand is English and the Sealand Dollar has a fixed exchange rate of one U.S. dollar. Passports and stamps have been in circulation since 1969, however, contrary to many misleading websites and news articles, Sealand passports are not for sale, and anyone offering such are selling forgeries. Within a radius of 500 miles of Sealand live more than 200 million people who enjoy some of the highest standards of living in the world. This area also encompasses the financial, industrial and cultural heart of Europe.

Star Trek (W3)

Der "Star Trek" ist der "Sternenwanderer".

Start der ersten Staffel Star Trek (08.09.1966)

ASCII-Bilder von:
Star Trek - science fiction - USS Enterprise NCC-1701 - Mr Spock - Jean-Luc Picard

Star Trek Icons

star trek comics



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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (USA 1993-1999) | Star Trek - Enterprise (USA 2001-2005) | Star Trek - Raumschiff Voyager (USA 1995-2001) | Star Trek: Science vs. Fiction (D 2006)


uuu: mi tavla do
(10 October 1999)
Many people have taken a more systematic approach to the creation of artificial languages. Some such languages (such as "Quenya" or "Klingon") are created for fictional societies to speak; others (such as "Esperanto") are intended to serve noble goals of international communication; still others (such as "Loglan") are experiments designed to test certain claims or hypotheses; and many others are designed by hobbyists and linguists as an exercise or an entertainment.

Most such languages have their devotees. Enough Tolkien fans are interested in his invented Elvish languages "Quenya" and "Sindarin" (and the "Tengwar" and "Cirth" letters they're written in) to have formed the TolkLang mailing list; some people write poetry in various forms of "Elvish". The sounds of the language are lovely. At the other end of the aesthetics scale is "Klingon", created for "Star Trek" by Mark Okrand; it's a harsh, guttural language, suitable for warriors, and has attracted widespread public attention with the publication of a translation dictionary (and a project to translate the Bible and Shakespeare into "Klingon", by the Klingon Language Institute).



Star Trek

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Beam me up, Scotty!:
The linguistic legacy of Star Trek
Words from Star Trek

Enterprise, Die [Star Trek]

Erstellt: 2010-01


Kingdom of Talossa

Since 1979, an Independent, Sovereign Country in the Heart of North America.
Links, information, news, all about the Milwaukee Nationnette.



Die uralte Geschichte von 'Tolkemit' ist aus den Sagen über "Mita", die Tochter von "Tolke", dem Kunigas, bekannt, der auf der Burg herrschte.







Kingdom of Zarahemla

Ours is a kingdom in exile because we wish to live off Earth and are awaiting the advance of technology to assist us in reclaiming our future homeland: the asteroid Ceres . To see these claims click on the name of the planet. Mars has two related claims. Click here to see photos of our claim sites. We have created this micronation as a means to collect like minded people in the hopes of being the seed from which an actual nation will grow. The Kingdom of Zarahemla is, for now, a micronation. Join us in realizing our dream of off-Earth Colonization.